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The Tropical Peak, also known as Gunung Hutan Tinggi, is a mountain in Just Cause 2.
Tropical Peak

View from top of the Tropical Peak.


Gunung Hutan Tinggi means High Forest Mountain in Malay and Indonesian.

The peak is about 980 meters high, making it the highest peak in the south-eastern regions of Panau. A dense jungle grows on the sides and on the top of the peak. It is very steep and has an impressive rise above the lower grounds. Unlike the areas around the Snow Peak and the Desert Peak, the area around this peak is totally uninhabited unless you count military bases. The nearest notable mountain is Carcavoda Mountain.

Location Edit

Tropical Peak is at the co-ordinates X:29200 Y:28065. Just east of Kem Komander Williamson, the base is located just below the top.