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U-39 Plechovka
Jc3 U-39 Plechovka
Weapon in Just Cause 3
Type Assault Rifle
Usage Two handed
Maximum ammunition carried 360
Maximum ammunition in the weapon 35
List of owners The Rebellion
Medici Military
Black Hand
Former Prisoners of Lacrima

The U-39 Plechovka is an assault rifle in Just Cause 3.


It resembles the IMI Galil, but with a straight magazine. It has the same 35 round ammunition capacity as the real life Galil.

The Rebel drop description says: "The Plechovka burst rifle was developed with a straight stock and an over-barrel gas operation for enhanced precision and combat high recoil rates."


Has a moderate rate of fire, but poor damage


  • Rico's initial assault rifle in Welcome Home is one of these. Whether the player wants another assault rifle later is up to them.
  • Wielded by The Rebellion, Medici Military, and less commonly the D.R.M..
    • On rare occasions, Black Hand at Di Ravello's mansion can wield this weapon as well.
    • A female soldier at Vigilator Sud can be found wielding this weapon. However, this is very rare to come upon.
    • A few commandos at Porto Darsena can also be found wielding this weapon. Those particular ones can be found around the Sphere Tank. Again, this is very rare to come upon.
    • In Welcome Home, the D.R.M. grunts attacking Mario also use this weapon.
    • There is a machine gunner with this weapon in Citate Di Ravello. He is at the billboard between the gas station (the one in the skyscrapers) and the docks.
    • There are two D.R.M. members armed with U-39 Plechovkas near the two Sphere Tanks in the docks at Citate Di Ravello. The two D.R.M. members can be either two grunts, two elites, two captains, a grunt and a captain, a grunt and a elite, or an elite with an captain.
  • Wielded by Black Hand and Former Prisoners of Lacrima in the Mech Land Assault DLC.


  • The name appears to be referencing the UMP-40.
  • Real weapons with a similar name usually refer to their production year. This would mean that this weapon is from 1939, which doesn't correspond to reality, because assault rifles didn't exist that early.
  • It's built by the fictional company UP.
  • Plechovka (read "plekhovka") means Can in Czech. In Russian this means something you carry on your shoulder - Plechi in Russian means shoulder, so plechovka is something you carry on your shoulder.
  • It says URGA UP-39 on the side.


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