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U41 Ptakojester
Jc3 U41 Ptakojester
Vehicle in Just Cause 3
Type Transport plane
Weapons None
Rarity Rebel drop and missions only
List of owners Medici Military
The Rebellion
Black Hand
Top speed (km/h) ~210 (330 with nitrous)
Top speed (mph) ~130 (~205 with nitrous)

The U41 Ptakojester is a plane in Just Cause 3.


The U41 Ptakojester is a large 4-engine cargo plane, bigger than the Bering I-86DP in Just Cause 2. It resembles the C-5 Galaxy and C-17 Globemaster. The tail is similar to the An-225 Mriya's, but if one looks closely, it resembles the top of a C-17's tailplane, with vertical stabilisers jutting out of it. Also the landing gear resembles that of an Antonov AN-124 Ruslan, while the shape of the cockpit and nose resembles the Boeing 747.

According to the Rebel Drop info:

 PC  : "The huge transport aircraft U41 Ptakojester can hold an impressive ten land vehicles of normal size in its cargo bay. Runway strongly recommended."

 PS4  :"The gargantuan U41 Ptakojester transport plane can hold an impressive ten full-sized land vehicles in its cargo bay. Landing strip recommended."

Early beta versions of this plane had two small humps on its back, just like the An-225 Mriya. One beta version had a T-shaped tail.

Another beta version is shown the the E3 trailer, where the jet's hatch doors are two control plates and then the door, instead of the final version. The door itself is shown not to go all the way down. Either it wasn't able to in the beta or the player had an option in the beta for full control on how the door comes down.

One very strange yet annoying characteristic is that when you enter the cockpit of the airplane, suddenly all the on board lights turn off. The lights include the green cockpit lights, white flashing tail lights, cargo bay lights, aerlion stabilizer lights (red on one side, green on the other), and the small clouds that fly by you when you're in the sky. This does not include engine exhaust. They do turn on though if you get out, stunt on top, enter the cargo bay, or use nitrous. It probably is a bug due to the render of the airplane lights being too short, whereas the view of the airplane when flying it is too far for it, because when the view must be shortened by a wall or obstacle in the way, the lights do turn on even though your're in the cockpit. Despite these light issues, the plane should fly normally.

Nevertheless, the U41 Ptakojester is the largest plane in the game.


Its size makes it the least agile plane in the game.

As seen in the launch trailer and the mission Bavarium on a Plane, it's possible to transport vehicles in it. As a matter of fact, it has a fully functional interior. It's advised to Grapple any transported vehicle to the walls of the plane to keep it more stable.

Despite the Rebel drop info, it's actually able to take off from a relatively small strip of land. The size of the required airfield increases if there's more cargo. If equipped with nitrous boosters it can take off almost immediately.

It is still a good idea to be in an open area to be rebel dropped, as it's hard to dictate which way the plane will be facing when Rebel dropped. Some suggested places to rebel drop are the fields in Prima, the butte in eastern Cava Grande, or anywhere in the water, as the plane floats. Opening the cargo bay while floating will sink the plane, however.

There are two hatches on top of the cockpit area; one to pilot the plane and one to enter the cargo bay. The cockpit can also be accessed by a door in the cargo bay. The cargo bay ramp can be opened and closed via a button inside the cargo bay.

These functions can be operated by the following controls:

  •  Xbox One  : Using RB in the cockpit to open/close the cargo bay door and holding Y to enter the cargo bay.
  •  PC  : Holding down the left mouse button to open/close cargo bay door and holding E to enter cargo bay.
  •  PS4  : Using R1 in the cockpit to open/close the cargo bay door and holding PS3 Triangle to enter the cargo bay.

Versions and locationsEdit

Medici MilitaryEdit

  • In missions:
  • In free roam:

Black HandEdit

  • Used in the mission Stowaway. After the mission, the plane can still be found inside the hangar, but it is not flyable, and indestructible.
  • Used to bring paratroopers to the following locations during the "Hold the Fort" part:
  • Used to bring paratroopers to the Hive during the mission Storming the Hive. This mission has two of them, but it's unknown where the other plane is stored. For whatever odd reason though, rebel paratroopers come out instead of Black Hand paratroopers.
  • The "Nebio Sud - Mech Arena" challenge has several bringing paratroopers in.

The RebellionEdit


  • Ptakoještěr is Czech for Pterosaur (extinct flying reptiles).
  • This is the first player controllable Cargo plane in the Just Cause game series to have a functioning cargo door.
  • Not counting the large Stationary vehicles, it is one of the largest vehicles in game series.
  • See Amphibious vehicles for other floating non-Boats.
  • Despite apparently being able to land on the large runway in Insula Lacrima (as shown in Stowaway,) the plane is actually still too big and will hit the chaos objects and other objects alongside the runway.
    • This may be the result of developer under sight.
  • Landing is more tricky than taking off because some runways aren't long enough or have objects which the plane can hit and suddenly explode, killing Rico.
  • Pushing it's speed beyond 300 km/h with nitrous causes its nose to rise; as a result, the entire plane gains altitude. Slightly annoying if you simply want to fly at 330 km/h forward without having to correct it.
  • For some reason, when spawned for use in an Air Race, the plane spawns slightly damaged.
  • During the "Nebio Sud - Mech Arena" challenge, if you destroy the plane quickly enough, you can kill all of the paratroopers, although there is a glitch where despite the plane being physically destroyed, the paratroopers will still spawn.
  • The cargo plane has a similar appearance of the Andromada from GTA San Andreas. Both jets have a black nose, both have four engines and both are cargo planes. Although both are also not seen in freemode alone, the Andromada's only appearance is in a mission and the player is unable to fly the plane, while the U41 Ptakojester is flyable and can be unlocked in the rebel drop.
  • There's a glitch where if you grapple one of the outer engines to the open cargo door mid flight, the plane will spin constantly and becomes out of control. It'll explode on impact on land and on water it'll land smoothly and will be able to take off again, as if the cargo door isn't open.
  • The plane is so big it can ram into other smaller planes, like the Urga U17 Akrobat in midair without exploding. An example is shown here at 13:52: Link
  • One amazing feature of the plane is its spinning fan blades. On closer look of the engines, 3 out of 4 are spinning clockwise. Engine 2 is only one spinning counter clockwise. This is the first plane in the Just Cause game series to have rotating fan blades in an engine.
  • Strangely enough, when destroyed, some pieces of the plane (like the cockpit, engines etc.) will fall faster than other pieces (like the cargo door).
  • At times, the plane's engine will stay with each other after the plane explodes, instead of separating from each other and flying in different areas.
  • It's possible to back flip from the plane and stay on the plane without falling off.
  • This plane has a bigger, if not the biggest exploding animation than any other vehicle in the game, due to it enormous size.
  • All of them, regardless of owner, have "STR41-14" and "92-52189" on them. Although these are probably identification codes.
  • The Rebellion variant has the same white symbol on either side that the Urga Mstitel has.



Medici MilitaryEdit

There are no fixed spawn locations for this variant, and it must be hijacked in flight from one of the settlements where it spawns.

Black HandEdit

This variant only appears in the Mech Land Assault DLC and cannot be found in the base game. In a similar fashion to the Medici Military, it has no fixed spawn locations, although one can be found at the hangar from the beginning of the story, but cannot be used and cannot be destroyed. It is unknown if this is a glitch, or a normal part of the game. To operate one, it must be hijacked from an enemy settlement.


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