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Underwater Scooter
Underwater Scooter on the crane
Vehicle in Just Cause
Type Underwater scooter
Weapons None
Rarity Only 1, in a mission
List of owners Unknown, possibly San Esperito Military

The Underwater Scooter is a vehicle in Just Cause (1).


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It's a small purpose-built boat engine, used by divers to propel themselves under water. This is needed when divers have to cover large distances under water. In combination with diving equipment, a vehicle like this may be considered a mini-Submarine.


Prior to use, this vehicle hangs from a crane at a port and has to be lowered to the water. The crane is controlled by a computer.

It's slower than most boats. Probably faster than the Trawler.

The scooter is controlled the same way as airplanes and handles exactly the same way. When started, it automatically maintains speed. It can survive a few head-on collisions with rocks, but eventually it explodes, killing Rico.


This is a completely unique vehicle in the Just Cause game series and it can only be seen and used during only one mission, Sink the Buccaneer. After this mission, it's never seen again. It appears at the Don Ernesto Harbor.


  • The Underwater Scooter is one of the few vehicles that only appear in missions. The others are the Excelsior (presidents plane); Mendoza's destroyer; the La Honradez (luxury yacht); the train that can be seen at the Quayside loading area and Mendoza's submarine in the mission Taking Out The Garbage.
  • When the back of the game box says there are minisubs in the game, they were referring to this.
  • This is the only vehicle which the player can control under water. Speedboats in JC and JC2 can dive as a result of a crash, or flip, but they're not controllable while under water.
  • Oddly, despite being a nautical vehicle, it is controlled the same way as a airplane.
  • Considering the location of this vehicle, it might be owned by the San Esperito Military since they have an existence in this port during Sink the Buccaneer, however, this is never confirmed.
  • See Submarine (disambiguation) for other submarines in the game series.