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Unnamed airport at X:10290; Y:22010
Unmarked airport at X-10290; Y-22010
Settlement in Panau
Type Unmarked settlement, civilian airport
Territory Lautan Lama Desert
Coordinates X:10290; Y:22010
Missions that take place here None

This article is about an unnamed and unmarked settlement in Just Cause 2.


This "settlement" consists of a square stone building, similar to those often found at military bases and a small shack. There's a dirt runway with a Peek Airhawk 225, so this appears to be a small civilian airstrip. A Stinger Dunebug 84 is parked next to the stone building. Behind the building, uphill is another dirt runway that leads to Sungai Remaja, a military base. The building has power lines.

There's no Panau Military, or civilian presence here.


In the eastern part of Lautan Lama Desert, about 600 m south-east of Sungai Remaja.


As an unmarked location, this settlement can't actually be completed as such, but there are 2 Resource items here which progress the game completion.

  • Cash stash.
  • Weapon Part.


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