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Unnamed industrial facility at N 40 46.590 E 5 37.400
JC3 industrial facility 1.1
View from the south, as seen from a News Chopper.
Settlement in Medici
Type Some kind of an industrial facility
Region Insula Striate
Province Libeccio
Coordinates N 40 46.590 E 5 37.400
Missions that take place here None

The Unnamed industrial facility at N 40 46.590 E 5 37.400 is a Notable Building in Just Cause 3.


The facility has two large industrial buildings, one medium sized building and two small buildings. There are four indestructible silos at the north-west corner. A fence with barbed wire along the top edge surrounds the facility on the west, south and east sides.

At first glance, the facility may seem abandoned, because the large buildings have some vegetation growing on the walls and there are multiple Vehicle wrecks present. Closer inspection reveals a Stria Obrero, north of the buildings, and a couple of Civilian workers hanging out in the south-east.

This place is notable because nearly all the remaining Civilian industrial facilities in Medici are destroyed and located north of the wall. The others are the Citate Di Ravello port and at least one other located south of the wall in the east.
JC3 industrial facility 1.2

View from the north. A Train in the foreground and the eDEN Airship in the distance.

'63 Autostraad Weltbus (off-roading)

'63 Autostraad Weltbus off-roading at Maestrale. The Vulture base is visible on the right and the Volcano Island in Medici is in the far center. The Unnamed industrial facility at N 40 46.590 E 5 37.400 is in the middle of the left edge.


The facility is at the north-east corner of Libeccio, on the eastern side of a road that leads to a close by gate in the Insula Striate wall. The Railroad passes near here, along the edge of the wall.



  • The starting point for the "Railway sprint" race is across the road.
  • There's a few more points of interest a few hundred meters south of here.
    • Junkyard with several Vehicle wrecks.
    • Private house with a big wall. The wall has been broken by an attacking CS Odjur.
    • Several abandoned-looking, but otherwise fine private houses.