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Unnamed island at X:20400; Y:31100
Ular outpost
Settlement in Panau
Type Unknown base, or outpost.
Territory Selatan Archipelago
Coordinates X:20400; Y:31100.
Missions that take place here None, but the pursuit in Stop the Press passes just outside here.

The Unnamed Island at X:20400; Y:31100 is an island with a small base in Just Cause 2.


The island has an approximately 200 m tall mountain and it's covered with jungle.

The point of interest is the settlement on the eastern side of the island. The settlement is made up of ancient ruins possibly from the Ular Tribe and the kind of houses that make up a lot of the villages in the jungle areas. This settlement isn't a "discoverable" location, so it's impossible to get extracted here. The nearest settlement is Pekan Kesuma. It's useful for stocking up on weapons, or causing havoc, since quite a few dangerous toys spawn here.

There's only one person in the settlement - a civilian, who's on the porch of a hut, near the beach. He or she might not spawn every time you're here.


The location is in Selatan Archipelago area, which is available as a Roaches territory. One hut contains boxes with symbols that can be seen at many Stores and markets in Panau. Some believe that because the island has two Agency vehicles, it might be an Agency stockpile.

What you can find hereEdit

  • Three sets of 3 weapon boxes, (two sets near the beach, one near the temple).
  • Rocket Launcher, in the temple at the top of the settlement. This one is unusually not in a box.
  • 2 x Medicine cabinet. Both mounted on the walls of cabins.
  • 2 x Resource items, in temple ruins at the coastal ends of the settlement.
  • 2 x MTA Powerrun 77 at a dock. Their armament and color is the same as that of The Agency versions. This is the only place where they spawn. You can only find other versions during missions or in the Black Market.
  • Cardboard boxes with unknown symbols in a hut.

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