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Unnamed religious site at X:20160; Y:27740
Unnamed Religious Site
Settlement in Panau
Type Religous settlement / building
Territory Selatan Archipelago
Coordinates X:20160; Y:27740
Missions that take place here None

This is some kind of an unnamed religious settlement and a notable building in Just Cause 2.


The facility is on a small island. The only way to get there is to take a dirt road that crosses a wooden bridge. Boats are not recommended, because there aren't any docks.

The building here is the only one in Panau that has a Crescent (moon symbol). It's a religious symbol, so this must be some kind of a place of worship, but it doesn't look like it would currently be used for any religious services, as evidenced by the swimming pool and bikini-clad tourists on the property. The vast majority of the Panauan people are Buddhists, with a sizable Christian minority. However Panau is very multicultural so there are multiple minority religions.

The yard / gardenEdit

There's a stone wall around the facility, but for some reason, the wall is under ground, so only the top edge is visible. This might be a glitch. The gate has a concrete guard post, but no guard. The wall has steel gates on either side of the building.

There's a parking lot with 7 spaces to the right of the main gate.

The single shallow swimming pool sometimes spawns fish, just like the sea. The people there are all wearing bikinis and otherwise beach clothing. There's also a lot of lamps, which can explode if damaged. However, the explosions will not damage Rico, vehicles nor NPCs.

The buildingEdit

The building has 3 floors, but only the second floor has windows.

There are four doors leading inside the building. Three at the front and one on the rear side of the building. The roof has a dome and at the top of each roof section, there are two Crescents (moon symbols). There are two gates at the back entrance.


This isn't a "discoverable" location, so it's not really completable, but there are 2 resource items:

  • 2 Weapon parts.


Main article: Just Cause 2 Bugs and glitches.

  •  All Platforms  The wall being underground could be one glitch.
  •  PC  There's two floating chairs behind the building, under the rear door. These can be pulled down with the Grappler. They'll spawn back in the air if you return later.


Just south-east of Pulau Delima in the Selatan Archipelago, on a small island at X:20160; Y:27740.


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