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Unnamed settlement at X:23210; Y:5990
Unmarked transformer station 1.1
Settlement in Panau
Type Unmarked settlement, substation
Territory Pelaut Archipelago
Coordinates X:23210; Y:5990
Missions that take place here None

This article is about an unnamed settlement in Just Cause 2.


The settlement is pretty small and it's hard to say exactly where it ends. The whole part is located along a long Pipeline, which leads to the nearby port Pulau Kait. This is the longest pipeline in Panau: about 2.3km.

The main part of the settlement is the large substation here. A lot of Transformers and Generators are found inside of the fences. This should be pretty easy to spot when flying above the place. Four vertical Fuel Depots are also placed here, just aside the substation. There are also 2 slum shacks and a small industrial building here.

South of the substation, closer to the M2 Highway, is also another small house found, and, more notably, a Broadcast Tower and a Generator. Destroy them instant if you see them, it will be a pain to find them if you forget the place.
Unmarked transformer station 1.2

The substation.

Two paved roads go past the settlement. One goes to Pulau Kait, just north of the settlement, which is the second largest port in Panau, while the other goes in a bridge over Pulau Kait and the other port Kuala Cengkih, and continues around the northern part of the archipelago. The M2 Highway is also found south of the settlement.

See also: Electric Power in Panau.


The substation most likely serves the nearby settlements by transforming the voltage, but may also serve as a effect backup if the main energy sources in Panau should fail. There is another such station in the middle of East Tanah Raya, though a little smaller.

Sabotage Destructible ObjectsEdit


Southern partEdit


In the Pelaut Archipelago, just south of Pulau Kait.

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