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Urga Hroch
Urga Hroch (left side)
As seen in a game trailer that featured a scene from the mission Missile Cowboy.
Vehicle in Just Cause 3
Type Landing craft
Weapons None
Rarity Fairly common
List of owners Medici Military
The Rebellion
Black Hand
Top speed (km/h) ~61.1
Top speed (mph) 33 (knots)

The Urga Hroch is a boat in Just Cause 3.


The Urga Hroch is a military landing craft, a type of boat used to transport soldiers, vehicles and/or supplies from sea to shore during an amphibious assault.

The boat is long with high side walls surrounding an open cargo deck. The cargo deck has ample space for one large vehicle or two smaller ones. An armored ramp at the front of the boat allows vehicles to board and disembark. It can carry 6 Urga Szturm 63As, and possibly more of smaller vehicles.

The control point, from which the boat is operated, is located at the rear.

The Rebel drop description says: "Designed with an armored front ramp for immediate beachead deployment, the Urga Hroch is an essential tool when conducting island warfare."


The Hroch is a surprisingly fast and agile boat with an ability to achieve speeds of up to 33 knots and make tight turns. It can even do a J-turn, if you're in a hurry. This is a major improvement over the terrible handling of the Zhejiang 6903 in Just Cause 2.

It can be used to transport vehicles by lowering the front ramp, by pressing R1 ( PS4  ), RB ( Xbox One  ), or LMB ( PC  ).

Versions and locationsEdit

Medici Military:

The Rebellion:

Black Hand:

  • In Mech Land Assault, it appears once during the mission Storming the Hive. It cannot be obtained or entered.
  • In Bavarium Sea Heist, it is upgraded into an open world vehicle, complete with numerous spawn points:
    • At a small unmarked Black Hand outpost seen in the mission The Setup.
    • At numerous other unmarked locations.
    • At least one can be found at all five Black Hand outposts in the Stingray Area. Needs confirmation.


  • The vehicle was first revealed in the Just Cause 3 Story Trailer, which showed a fragment of the mission Missile Cowboy.
  • "Hroch" is Czech and Slovak for "Hippo".
  • Oddly, this vehicle is always driven by prisoners.
  • It is manufactured by the fictional company Urga.
  • With careful pushing, it is possible to fit six Urga Szturm 63As on it.
  • See also: Barge.



Medici MilitaryEdit

Black HandEdit

Mech Land Assault:

Bavarium Sea Heist: