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Urga Racek
Urga Racek at Guardia Feno I
At Guardia Feno I.
Vehicle in Just Cause 3
Type Helicopter
Weapons None
Rarity Rare
List of owners Medici Military
The Rebellion
Top speed (km/h) 169
Top speed (mph) ~105

The Urga Racek is a helicopter in Just Cause 3.


It's based on the Bell 47 and the helicopter is equipped with buoyant skids for take off and landing both on land and water.

The Rebel drop description is "The Racek from Urga is a marine-focused helicopter, which specializes in ocean surveillance and rescue operations. Cruising speed 150 km/h."

The actual maximum speed is 169 km/h in horizontal flight. With the nitro Gear Mod it can momentarily reach 202 km/h.


Relatively light and agile. This is the smallest helicopter in the game, so it's ideal for exploration and tight spaces. Additionally, it makes for a small target if you're dodging SAM sites. If required, the helicopter is also capable of landing and taking off on water.

Versions and locationsEdit

Medici Military:



  • Being based on the Bell 47, it's the oldest helicopter in the Just Cause game series so far.
  • It's made by the fictional company Urga.
  • "Racek" is Czech for "seagull".
  • Reprogrammed SAMs in Medici won't shoot at it when it's flown by a soldier. This prevents losing Heat, because he can see you. However, military SAMs will still shoot at you if you are in one of these.
  • The Urga Racek is one of only two Bell 47-style helicopters that can land on water in an open world game. The other is the Sea Sparrow, from the GTA series.



Medici MilitaryEdit


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