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Urga Vulkan
Jc3 Urga Vulkan
Weapon in Just Cause 3
Type Minigun
Usage Two handed
Maximum ammunition carried Infinite
Maximum ammunition in the weapon Infinite
List of owners Medici Military
The Rebellion
Black Hand

Urga Vulkan is a minigun featured in Just Cause 3.


It looks really similar to JC2's Minigun, but with an ammunition box, so the ammunition doesn't just magically appear out of nowhere anymore. Rico can also move while firing the Vulkan, albeit at a snail's pace due to its hefty weight.

It's based on the M134 Minigun with a flash hider based on the muzzle of a GAU-8. The writing on the ammunition box indicates it's firing 7.62mm caliber ammunition.


Does lots of damage and naturally is very heavy. This weapon is very effective against infantry and most vehicles except for tanks.


During free-roam gameplayEdit

  • In hardened pillboxes beside roads and bases.
  • Occasionally carried by heavily armoured soldiers.
    • Two of them at Puncta Sud up around the final transformer and on the western helipad scaling the satellite dish tower.
  • Wielded by Titans. They are quite possibly the rarest enemy type.
  • At many Military bases in Medici on tripods.
  • At many police stations on tripods.

Mission locationsEdit



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