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Vanderbildt LeisureLiner
Vanderbildt LeisureLiner
Vehicle in Just Cause 2
Type High-deck coach
Weapons None
Rarity Original game: No spawn
Patched game: Rare
List of owners Civilians
The following statistics are from the official strategy guide.
Top Speed 30
Acceleration 20
Armour 30
Handling 30

The Vanderbildt Leisureliner is a super-high deck coach in Just Cause 2.


It's a large high-deck luxury coach, which is based on a Neoplan Starliner or an Isuzu Super Cruiser. A coach (in the modern meaning of the word) is a large type of Bus, which is used for long distance travel, like city to city, as opposed to the inner city bus lines, where the buses look more like the Vanderbildt Streamliner in Just Cause (1).

It's known to be available in 6 colors, with dual red stripes: dark blue, navy blue, silver, green, yellow and red.


Due to it being a large coach, it is slow, but not as slow as trucks. It's very difficult to drive up hills, but can plow through traffic and other obstacles without difficulty, much like the Chevalier Ice Breaker.

Interestingly, the Vanderbildt Leisureliner can float if driven into deep water. The front end will be deeper in the water than the rear.

See also: Amphibious vehicles.


Originally there was some kind of a spawning glitch with this vehicle (unfinished line of coding) and it didn't show up. It's still a somewhat uncommon vehicle.

When running a patched edition of the game, seeing one in traffic is a very rare event in most parts of Panau. However, it is possible (yet rare) to see it in the Berawan Besar Mountains and not common (more common than rare) in the Lautan Lama Desert. There is a lot more chance that you will see one spawn if you are driving another bus or it is the middle of the night or day. One way to find one around the city is to follow the main roads to & from main cities, as well as driving a double decker or single bus, to increase your chance in finding one. The game can make them more common while you're in one.

  • Driving around Lautan Lama Desert. Try to stay close to the roads and it should be easy to find, normally in red or green colors.
    Vanderbildt LeisureLiner

    At about X:15280; Y:8030.

  • One has also been seen on the road outside the mansion at X:6590; Y:25700.
  • Spotted passing through Kampung Bunga Raya at 04:07 am, 11:44am, or 4:25pm, at X:11085; Y:24705.
  • If you are lucky you might also find it near Colonel Che Soon.
  • You also may find it on the road in the Reapers faction mission "Driving Miss Stacey" after you pick her up and are driving her to the drop-off point.
  • Near the village of Tanjung Putih, at X:2900; Y:21060.
  • At about X:5485; Y:19810, at sunset.
  • All throughout the night time in the game.
  • After 9pm at X:15280; Y:8030, directly beside the Reapers mission "Ups and Downs". It was seen while flying a UH-10 Chippewa.
  • At about X:3285, Y:20040, at 10:38am.
  • At X:15283; Y:8030, it will drive down the road. If you hijack the driver out and leave it parked, another one will drive by, resulting in multiple at the same time. This was done on the Xbox 360.
  • On the road between Kampung Redup (X:19490; Y:8270) and Banjaran Berawan Besar Iota (X:17930; Y:9440).
  • On the road between Jalan Lompat up the mountain towards Kota Tinggi.
  • In traffic at the Gunung Hotel Ski Resort.
  • You can also get it by Black Market mods to make it appear.
  • There's a higher chance of it spawning when you first cross the border that leads into the desert or the mountains, so keep your eyes open. 
  • Has been seen driving at X:15400; Y:7770.
  • In the Berawan Besar Mountains. Just keep your eyes peeled.
  • Immediately after completing Taking Care of the Dishes, while flying northeast along the road towards Gunung Hotel Ski Resort, two spawned in opposite lanes ~500 meters south of the ski resort (X: 24,560; Y: 15,280).


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