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Vanderbildt Streamliner
Vanderbildt Sreamliner
At a bus stop in Esperito City - North.
Vehicle in Just Cause
Type City Bus
Weapons None
Rarity Only in cities
List of owners Civilians

The Vanderbildt Streamliner is a Bus in Just Cause (1).


It's a 1980s style city bus with a cargo area in the back. It can only be seen in the green, yellow and white paint combination.

Other facts and special features:

  • It has enough seats for 13 passengers, but it can't really carry anyone other than a driver. This is set by the Game limits.
  • It has a cargo frame on the roof, which is never used.
  • It has 2 visible doors, both at the right side. One is located at the front and the other in the middle. Only the front door can be used, (see the Gallery section).
  • Even though it has no doors on the left side, the driver will still be pushed out through the left wall after Rico has hijacked the bus. The driver can even leave and re-enter the bus through the invisible left front door, but Rico can never use it.
  • It has some kind of an odd open-top container on the external rear wall.
  • The rear end has unusually few windows. There's no chairs at the back end either, so that space might be reserved for baggage / pets / baby carriages and other such.
  • Rico can only enter the bus only by the right side.
  • It's based on old Ford bus model, the model Blue Bird, could be of the year 1989, (see the gallery section).


Its engine is so weak that it can barely drive up the sloped roads in cities, but despite that, it's still capable of Drifting at its full speed.


There's bus stops in Esperito City, but the buses don't actually visit them. The bus appears as a usual vehicle in city traffic.