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Vaultier ALEV Patrol Special
Vaultier ALEV Patrol Special
The military version at Guerrilla 21 Camp Regal safehouse.
Vehicle in Just Cause
Type Van
Weapons None
Rarity Common
List of owners San Esperito Police Department
San Esperito Military

The Vaultier ALEV Patrol Special is a van in Just Cause (1).


It's a heavily modified modern van. It has an external roll cage and side bumpers. There's also a row of extra lights at the front edge of the roof. All windows have some kind of bars over them, which is one of the things that makes it look as if it's armoured, but it's not, so those can only limit the driver's vision. The empty rear compartment can be accessed through little armoured looking doors on the rear wall, or through side/rear doors. There's no civilized way to transport prisoners in the vehicle because there's no chairs in the rear compartment. Also, there's no extra wall between the drivers seat and the cargo compartment, so the prisoner would have to be tied up or held at gunpoint the whole time. However, it seems to be used primarily to transport reinforcements during Heat. It has 2 seats but Rico can never have a passenger. As any other police vehicle, it has a siren.

It's made by the fictional Vaultier company.


It has 4-wheel drive, so it's off-roading ability is much better then one would expect from a heavy looking van. It's also pretty fast on a road, but it's ramming ability is inadequate for a police vehicle.

Versions and locationsEdit

Owner Color Locations
San Esperito Police Department Blue
  • Appears during government Heat. Level 4 and 5.
  • In City Liberations before the Black Hand arrive in the storyline.
  • Appears in both Rioja and Guerrilla sidemissions as a vehicle that needs to be hijacked. It cannot be obtained in this way.
San Esperito Military Gray
  • Appears during high government Heat. Can spawn anywhere in San Esperito, but more common in cities.
  • Rarely at the San Pedro electrical power station. Likewise, it is quite rare at Isla San Cristobal.


  • There is a low-resolution white shape on the steering wheel, that may be the Vaultier logo.
  • The vehicle has the same engine texture as the Vaultier Sedan Patrol Compact.
  • If you kill the driver while the lights and sirens are on, the sirens will go silent but the lights will stay on. You can then get in the vehicle and drive it without the sirens on. This works for every vehicle in Just Cause 1 equipped with a siren.


San Esperito Police Department versionEdit

San Esperito Military versionEdit