This article is about Modifying the vehicles in Just Cause 2.

How to modify vehicle properties (.vdoll/.mvdoll editing)Edit

To modify a .vdoll/.mvdoll file, you must first convert it to an .xml file using the utility Gibbed.Avalanche.bin2xml, one of Gibbed's tools.

Typical usage would be: Gibbed.Avalanche.bin2xml name_of_vdoll_file.vdoll

That will create an .xml file which you can now edit.

Once you have opened the new xml file with a text editor like Notepad, you may now edit whatever you want. See the tables below for modifying things like speed and handling.

Once you have finished editing your .xml, convert it back to a .vdoll using Gibbed.Avalanche.xml2bin, another of Gibbed's tools.

Typical usage would be: Gibbed.Avalanche.xml2bin name_of_your_new_xml_file.xml

It is advised that you backup a copy of the original unmodified .vdoll, as it is easy to create unexpected and undesired changes to your vehicle that may be difficult to reverse. However, if you are careful about what traits you edit, then this shouldn't be too much of an issue.

For further information on getting .vdoll/.mvdoll files from vehicles and putting their edited counterparts back into vehicles, see How to mod vehicles.


Object ID: 872FCC18

ID Type Purpose Additional Info
1AD460F8 float Not Known
28A5D089 float Not Known
2936B4B4 float Not Known
BD6148C1 float Not Known Value limited 0 - 1
C522F10D float Handling modifier
D40D6067 float Not Known
EC5A5E47 float Speed modifier Also sharpens handling
F3E36D12 string Engine module location
_class string Class/Object name Note1
_name string Not Known

Land VehiclesEdit

Engine Data

Object ID: 718DC3F6

ID Type Purpose
F3E36D12 string Directs you to the engine module being used.
_class string Note1
_name string Not Known
clutchsliprpm float Not Known
downshift_rpm float Note3
resistance_max float Not Known
resistance_min float Not Known
resistance_opt float Not Known
rpm_max float Maximum RPM ( Red line RPM ? )
rpm_min float Minimum RPM ( Idle RPM ? )
rpm_opt float Optimum RPM ( Usually for fuel efficiency )
rpm_powerband int Efficiency RPM Note2
torque_min float Minimum Torque ( Measured in ? )
torque_max float Maximum Torque ( Measured in ? )
torque_opt float Optimum torque ( Measured in ? )
upshit_rpm float Note3

RPM Power band and RPM Optimum seem to be the same thing, except something has to be different. If rpm_opt stands for something else, please feel free to change it.

Transmission Data

Object ID: BB5F3B56

ID Type Purpose
0739740B float Not Known
7976EB47 float Not Known
975655BC float Not Known
97D6CC7A int Number of gears
C9D728C7 string Gear Ratios (1st gear to highest gear)
DD70F454 float Top speed (scales ratio speeds to match)
EB6B03D2 float Not Known
F3E36D12 string Not Known
_class string Note1
_name string Not Known

Water VehiclesEdit

Object ID: 77C74753

ID Type Purpose
F3E36D12 string Engine Module Location
_class string Note1
_name string Not Known
acceleration float Acceleration/Speed
engine_axis vector Engine Axis
engine_pos vector Engine Position
graphical_offset vector Not Known
max_acceleration float Maximum Acceleration/Speed
max_propellerangle float Maximum Propeller Angle
max_turn_force float Maximum Turning Force
propeller_angle float Propeller Angle
propeller_offset vector Propeller Offset
propulsion_displimit float Not Known
turn_force float Turning Force


  1. This value is used in MANY locations throughout the vdoll/mvdoll. It seems to point to what the specific values are modifying, as in the specific part of the vehicle. In this case, they're modifying 'CHelicopterEngineModule' for air vehicles, 'CCarEngineModule' for land vehicles, 'CCarTransmissionModule' for land vehicle transmission.
  2. Power band definition - range of operating speeds under which the engine is able to operate efficiently.
  3. Upshift/Downshift RPM seems to specify the number of gears as well as the RPMs. For example, downshift will list 5 values, '800,900,1000,1200,1400'. These are the 5 downshifts in a 6 speed  gearbox (Reverse gear not counted). Then for upshift it has the RPM to shift upwards, '2300,2000,1800,1900,2200'.

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