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Vehicle mounted weapons
Just Cause 2 helicopter minigun
Minigun and rocket pod on a Si-47 Leopard (JC2).
Weapon in Just Cause game series
Type Multiple
Usage Some used by vehicle driver and some require a separate crewman.
Maximum ammunition in the weapon Infinity
List of owners Depends on vehicle, see vehicle pages.

Vehicle mounted weapons a.k.a. vehicle based weapons are weapons that are mounted onto, or attached to, vehicles. The article summarizes the subject from the whole Just Cause game series.


There are multiple different types of weapons mounted onto vehicles in the Just Cause games. In Just Cause 2, some of those weapons are confusingly named the same as similarly functioning hand held weapons, hence the need for this article.

All vehicle mounted weapons in the Just Cause game series have unlimited ammunition.


Most vehicle mounted weapons in Just Cause do not have their own names, so they don't cause confusion with their JC2 counterparts.

In the PS2 version of the game, all vehicle mounted weapons can be switched between manual aim and auto-aim, but strangely the PC version of the game only has auto-aim. The only way to fire manually in the PC version, is when the player doesn't have Heat and is about to fire the first shot at an enemy, or when aiming somewhere, where the game doesn't detect enemies.

Harland series armoured vehiclesEdit

These armored vehicles are armed with a hull-mounted machine gun and a tank gun, multiple rocket launcher or multi-barreled heavy anti-aircraft machinegun in the turret. For more info, see the main article: Harland series armoured vehicles.

Ballard series armoured vehiclesEdit

These armored vehicles are armed with a hull-mounted machine gun and a tank gun, multiple rocket launcher or multi-barreled heavy anti-aircraft machinegun in the turret. For more info, see the main article: Ballard series armoured vehicles.

Heavy machine gun on cars and boatsEdit

Many faction vehicles and military vehicles have heavy machine guns mounted onto them. This weapon resembles the M2 Browning. This weapon can not be fired by the vehicle's driver and require an additional crewman. They can be made useful during a Liberation, when faction members use them. For more info, see the main article: Mounted Gun.

Aircraft machine gunsEdit

Nearly all helicopters have some type of machine guns. Strangely, they look like miniguns, but fire slowly like usual machine guns. What's even stranger is that they drop what should be empty cartridges, but looking closely, they're actually complete ammunition with bullets.

Aircraft rocket launchersEdit

Helicopters and planes that have these both have identical rocket pods. Some aircraft fire only one missile at a time, some fire two, and some fire four at a time, which allows them to destroy anything in a single hit (assuming all missiles hit). Two types of heavy attack helicopter even have 8 rocket pods, but they can only fire a total of 4 missiles at a time.

Hidden weapons on carsEdit

  • GP Thunder Extreme Prototype has 2 hidden machine guns and a hidden rocket launcher built into its front end. These weapons can be switched between and it's also possible to switch to no weapon, which is the default setting.
  • Garret Paladin has hidden machine guns in its front end. By default, they're turned off.

Triton BroadsiderEdit

The ship Triton Broadsider is equipped with a gun turret that fires similarly to the tank guns on the armored vehicles.

Gallery (JC1)Edit


The vehicle mounted weapons in Just Cause 2 have their own weapon icons and names. This often causes confusion because the identically named hand held weapons have very different characteristics.

Rocket/missile launchers and rocket podsEdit

In reality these shoot much bigger and more powerful missiles, but in the game they seem to be the same as Rocket Launchers except they fire faster, have unlimited ammunition, and don't need any form of reloading. Also, in reality, the kind of pods that can be seen on the in-game aircraft can only shoot unguided missiles that are used for ground attack missions.

Rocket pods are carried by multiple aircraft:

Rocket launchers: Other rocket launchers in vehicles can strangely fire as fast as the rocket pods, even though they only have one barrel whereas the pods have multiple. Vehicles with this weapon are MTA Powerrun 77, Poloma Renegade and Hedge Wildchild. These vehicles are only available from the Black Market and must be fully upgraded to obtain the rocket launcher. The only exceptions are the two MTA Powerrun 77s which are parked at the dock at Unnamed island at X:20400; Y:31100 and one in the mission Smugglers do Run.

Machine gunsEdit

There are several types of vehicle mounted machine guns in JC2.

  • Rowlinson K22 has dual machine guns when fully upgraded at the Black Market. Upgrading the BM version will also cause the civilian versions to start spawning with machine guns. Unfortunately, there are only 4 places where the helicopter spawns other than the BM, one of which doesn't have machine guns at level 6, and another is in a very-hard-to-find place.
  • MTA Powerrun 77 has dual machine guns in a small turret.
  • Garret Traver-Z has dual machine guns in a small turret once upgraded to BM level 6.
  • Poloma Renegade has dual machine guns in a small turret.
  • Hedge Wildchild has dual machine guns in a small turret.
  • GV-104 Razorback can be upgraded to have dual machine guns in its turret. Two already spawn with them.
  • Monster Truck has a small turret with a machine gun.

Several vehicles are armed with a "Mounted Gun", which is the same as a usual Machine Gun, but located in a shielded turret on vehicles. These mounted machine guns can not be fired by the driver and require an additional crewman. These guns are powerful enough to destroy otherwise bulletproof Sabotage Destructable Objects, but are the least threatening vehicle mounted weapons, because of how difficult it is to aim them.

Examples of vehicles with Mounted Guns: Chepachet PVD, Maddox FVA 45, Marten Storm III, MV Quartermaster, URGA-9380 (special version), and YP-107 Phoenix.

For some reason, the GV-104 Razorback and SV-1003 Raider have Miniguns, but they are referred to as a "Mounted Gun".


They fire much faster than the hand held Minigun and do more damage.

Grenade launchersEdit

The Monster Truck has a small turret that fires two grenades that explode as soon as they hit. These don't fly far, so it's not advised to fire forward while moving. They're most useful for blowing up pursuing vehicles and trees while off-roading.

Auto cannonEdit

Main article: Auto cannon.

In reality, any gun with at least 20mm projectiles that has an auto-loading mechanism is an "auto-cannon". This means that even the 4-barrel version of the Flak Cannon is by a modern definition a type of auto cannon.

Confusingly in JC2 there are two completely different weapons with this name. One type is a weapon that fires slowly one shot at a time and the other is basically a heavy minigun.

Gallery (JC2)Edit


Some of these weapons have two sets of names. There's the HUD name and sometimes a more detailed name in the Rebel drop description. Weapon HUD names and vehicles that have them:

Example of weapon names in the Rebel drop description in the Urga Hrom D description: "The Urga Hrom D is pure mayhem with a rotor on top. With the Janus-88M-Minigun and 95 Volcanus missile pre-loaded, it can make whole bases disappear in seconds."

Another example from the CS7 Thunderhawk description: "When it comes to aerial firefights, few top the CS7 Thunderhawk, featuring the M98 machine gun, M62 Mako repeating missiles and M-78 Kauga heat-seekers."

Some names from earlier versions of the game (Cut game content from Just Cause 3) include:

Gallery (JC3)Edit

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