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This article is about the useable seats in the vehicles of the Just Cause game series.
Stunt positions on MV V880

Seats and Stunt positions on an MV V880.

Common definitionsEdit

  • All vehicles have a drivers seat, or standing position.
  • Some armed vehicles have mounted weapons in turrets and tripods. Car and truck mounted Miniguns and Mounted Guns can only be used by someone other than the driver. This someone is not a passenger. That person is a member of the vehicles' crew.
  • Most vehicles have passenger seats. The only vehicles that don't have useable passenger seats are: Motorcycles; some aircraft; almost all Boats and some Military Vehicles.
  • All vehicles in JC and JC2 have a Stunt position. This has been changed in JC3. In JC3, you are free to walk around on top of vehicle freely while in stunt position.

Just CauseEdit

Cars and trucks can be seen with and without a passenger. No other type of vehicle can ever have a passenger.

It's possible to enter the passenger seat of any non-San Esperito Military/San Esperito Police Department vehicle and let yourself be driven around. The use of any movement controls will cause Rico to Hijack the vehicle. However, this kind of a ride can't last forever, because some countryside roads are too narrow for 2 lanes of traffic and the vehicles get stuck. More frequently the driver just stops the car and runs away as a result of a random shootout between the San Esperito Police Department and the paramilitary factions.

The Viper boatworks Seaserpent III is a unique vehicle, because it's the only vehicle where it's possible to enter a passenger seat and stay there, with out there having to be a driver in the vehicle. It's also the only known boat that's known to have a useable passenger seat.

Just Cause 2Edit

It is possible to be driven around by faction members by pressing the button whilst next to the passenger seat and at the same time a faction member goes in. You can make a faction member go in by hijacking him out of a vehicle he was driving before and making sure the vehicle you want him to go in is closer than any others, then he will automatically go in. You can also enter vehicles being driven by a faction member if they are slow enough for you to enter the passenger seat (not in stunt position).
Bandar Baru Nipah 3

Many seating positions, like the rear seats here, are never used in the game. They can only be made use of by Modifying the game. This picture is probably from the beta version of the game.

When you enter the passenger seat of almost any vehicle, Rico will immediately shift into the driver's seat and in doing so Hijack the vehicle. This always happens unless the driver's seat is occupied by an NPC. The civilians will immediately run away if you enter the passenger seat of one of their vehicles, but if you get in with a faction trooper, he will drive you around Panau.

The only exceptions are the Frisco Catshark S-38 and SnakeHead T20. If you manage to position Rico so that you can see the enter vehicle button hovering above the passenger seat, Rico will got up to the passenger seat and enter the Catshark as though it were a car. You can sit for as long as you wish in the passenger seat of them, Rico will only shift into the driver seat if you touch the controls. There is also the Chevalier Liner SB, you can sit in one of the back seats if you go behind the car when it is at a stop. Rico will not do anything at all unless you exit the vehicle.

The only airplane in Just Cause 2 that has more than one player-accessible seat is the Cassius 192. You can walk up to the passenger seat and press the action button, which will cause Rico to enter the plane as though it were a car and immediately shift into the driver's seat.

If you manage to spawn (or transport with the Zhejiang 6903) a vehicle on Hantu Island and you go to the "smoke monster" (smoking Panau Military soldier), he'll get into the passenger seat. Using this method it's possible to determine that many cars have usable passenger seats. Even the Tuk Tuk taxies have usable passenger seats.

Modifications (PC only)Edit

  • There is a mod for the PC called "zxz's blackmarket mod " that allows you to spawn all of the vehicles from the game. You can also spawn soldiers, including an 'invincible friendly soldier' that is entitled 'following_dude' in Just Cause 2's game files. When you spawn this soldier, he will follow you wherever you go, including into the passenger seats of vehicles. You can spawn many of them and test vehicle seating, as you can with the Smoke Monster.
  • If you have downloaded certain modifications that allow you to join the Panau Military, you can get into the passenger seat of a Cassius that is taking off from an airport driven by a Panau Military soldier. He will proceed to take off and fly you around Panau. However, if you wait long enough, he will fly into Panau City and crash into a building. In the normal unmodified game, one cannot get into the passenger seat of a vehicle that is being driven by a soldier.
  • Technically, there are 2 other planes that have passenger seats. They are the Pell Silverbolt 6 and the Peek Airhawk 225. They can only be accessed by the NPCs. However in Just Cause 2 Multiplayer, the developers have modificated Just Cause 2's initial code, so that one can enter the passenger seats that can only be accessed by NPCs in the singleplayer game. You can also access secret passenger seats that can never be accessed by anyone in the singleplayer game because they were disabled during Just Cause 2 development due to the fact that they are completely useless, as Rico would be the only one using them. To enter these seats in the Multiplayer, one must position themself precisely, so that one can see the action buttom icon above the passenger seat. This is how it works for all of the vehicles, not just the secret seated ones. These secret back seats are located in the Pell Silverbolt 6 and the Peek Airhawk 225, as mentioned before.
  • When playing Just Cause 2 Multiplayer, one could look for some vehicles that have visible back seats and test sitting on other seats. There has been a rumour that the developers were working on adding seats to vehicles that have visible, unused seats such as the Aquila series and the buses to improve the multiplayer experience. The game was originally developed for a singleplayer experience so features like these would not have added any gameplay. Back seats have already been added to the taxi, which have proven to function well.

Just Cause 3Edit

The front and rear clinging positions have been eliminated in Just Cause 3, but it's now possible to loosely walk around the roofs of all vehicles (except helicopters), without falling off.

Sometimes rarely it's possible to see a cow, deer, or other animal on the hood of a car. The animal would usually be running, in an attempt to get off, but unable to, because the only ways to get off are jumping and the Grappler.

Some Random Encounters have a person sitting in the back of a limousine, but other than that, there are never any rear seat passengers in JC3.

Just Cause 4Edit

This is the first game in the series to have people normally using the backseats of civilian vehicles. This was seen in a pre-launch gameplay video where someone sat at the back of a van.
JC4 van with person in the backseat


JC2-MP PRO TIPS Secret Boat Seats-0

JC2-MP PRO TIPS Secret Boat Seats-0

JC2 - Catshark and Snakehead passenger positions.

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