This article is a list of all known vehicles in Just Cause 4.

Very few of the vehicles in have known names so far, so the article relies on descriptions and screenshots. This article will eventually be moved to Category:Just Cause 4 Vehicles, similar to Category:Just Cause 3 Vehicles.


One of the new vehicular features in Just Cause 4 is aerodynamics. Developers explained in some promotional interviews that different vehicles with different aerodynamical properties will be able to withstand wind and tornadoes more than others.

Returning vehiclesEdit

Previous Just Causes had a few vehicles that seemed to return, but they had different names and only resembled enough to count as spiritual successors. Examples: Pocumtuck Nomad, Mosca 125 Performance/Mosca 125 Rallye, the various MV types.

Based on the trailers and gameplay videos so far, there can be no doubt that several vehicle models have been reused, but it's not yet known if they have the same names. Some vehicles might just closely resemble older vehicles and end up with different names.


Worthy of significant note is the fact that all Vehicle mounted weapons have limited ammunition. Approximate examples from videos:

  • A helicopter can have 20 missiles and 1000 heavy MG rounds.
  • The light tank has something around 300 main gun shells and 750 heavy MG rounds.

Notes about the below listsEdit

  • All known vehicle names (from gameplay videos) have bold text names. Note that these names are very likely going to be changed before game launch.
  • All descriptions should ideally be detailed enough to recognize the described vehicle from the gallery below. Please do not add duplicates into the list, as they are hard enough to tell apart with entries like "another sports car", or "another SUV".

Land vehiclesEdit

Civilian cars and motorcyclesEdit

  • Muscle car, similar in appearance to a Ford Mustang and the AMC Javelin with the rear end alike to the 1969 Dodge Charger. It has 'Coyle' written in chrome text on the rear, although it's unknown whether this is a model or manufacturer name. The "Deathstalker Scorpion DLC Pack" includes a muscle car. It may be the same one, meaning that this vehicle is DLC.
  • An SUV or hatchback that appears to be the Stria Kavala, with more polymer accessories and trim pieces.
  • Pickup truck which has been identified as a Stria Toro also being sucked into the same tornado. It has also been seen in parking lots in another section of the trailer. It is radically facelifted with a new bumper and window line.
  • Car closely resembling the Stria Gioco, first appearing on an inhabited bridge.
  • Vagabundo buggy - Buggy that closely resembles the Urga Ogar 7 V8.
  • Sports bike which looks extremely similar to the MV402, although a frontal view is yet to confirm whether this is the MV402.
  • Motorcycle similar to the Pavouk U-15.
  • Snowmobile that could possibly be the same snowmobile that was cut from Just Cause 3 (see Cut game content from Just Cause 3). This vehicle has Armadillo written on its side.
  • Prisa Hidalgo - Closely resembles the Stria Infimo S, but has 4 front lights. It appears in both derelict and cleaner versions. 
  • Prisa Cúmbila - Closely resembles the Stria Joia.
  • Prisa Maradona Z - Modern dirt bike that has the same design as the Geschwind V3000 but with a different paint job and no evidence of an Autostraad logo.
  • New sports car that appears similar in design to the Verdeleon 3 but with different headlights and frontal styling. It also appears to bear a Mugello logo.
  • Verdeleon Cinco - High-end sports car. Possibly the same as above. Sounds like it has an electric engine(s).
  • Classic car looking identical to the Mugello Raffinati Vitesse.
  • Small hatchback identical to the Stria Cucciola.
  • Another hatchback appearing identical to the Stria Carera Standard/Stria Carera G.
  • Old camper van - Old van looking identical to the '63 Autostraad Weltbus.
  • SUV that looks similar to a Gurgel Tocantins, but on a smaller body the size of a Weimaraner. It has a spare wheel on the hood. There's also a Black Hand version of this.
  • Small sporty hatchback with a racing kit. This car has a large spoiler, 3 externally mounted front lights, big front bumper attachment of sorts and an air intake on the roof. It resembles the Fukuda Tournament, and takes the appearance of a hill climb rally car.
  • A new hatchback similar in size and shape to a Windhund 4, except it resembles a car almost like a Volkswagen Gol or Polo .

Civilian special-purpose vehiclesEdit

  • Bus that resembles the Citispeed Eco 75.
  • Armed buggy that resembles the Weaponized Urga Ogar. This is a DLC vehicle, included in the "Deathstalker Scorpion DLC Pack".
  • At least three types of civilian Vehicle trailers. There's a closed box, a flatbed and a car transporter.
  • Truck for towing the above-mentioned semi-trailers. It looks similar to the Autostraad Reisender 7.
  • Bulldozer - A big front loader with an odd design having the front wheels smaller than the rear wheels. The bucket is able to be raised and lowered by the player. Also very strangely, the vehicle has hydraulic stabilizing legs at the rear corners.
  • Armadillo Montacargas - A different kind of front loader vehicle that has hydraulic stabilizing legs at all corners. It comes with a forklift attachment and the boom can be operated by the player. The vehicles shape should allow the top half of the vehicle to rotate, but it doesn't seem to be possible in the pre-release videos.
  • Articulated crane - 14-wheeled mobile crane truck with a crane usable by the player. It has the most wheels of any land vehicle in the Just Cause series by far, the previous most being only 8 wheels.
  • Hurricane chaser / Storm Chaser / Stormchaser / Verdad 1 Stormchaser - Fast yellow truck resembling an airport fire truck.
  • Cable cars make a return at what appears to be some sort of military/Black Hand base. It's a long system with many destructable cars.
  • Roofless agricultural tractor. Details are unknown because it's concealed by crops and seen from a distance.
  • Truck that appears to be the Stria Obrero.
  • Quarry truck, resembling the Nashorn 6100.

Military vehiclesEdit

  • MV-type armoured SUVs.
  • Cavalry - MRAP-type 6-wheeled armoured truck. It's a little smaller than the Urga Fura 570. It also appears to have a rebel/faction variant covered in graffiti or markings. This truck has an MG turret.
  • MV-equivalent light armored vehicle with a very angular design. It appears to be the most commonly used vehicle by the Black Hand and also comes in a pickup body style, although it's unknown whether these vehicles will have the same name.
  • Buggy with an almost identical appearance to the Urga Ogar 7 V8, except with a different setup of lighting.
  • APC similar to the CS Baltdjur. It has an automated MG turret that can likely be controlled by the driver.
  • Train on monorail tracks. The locomotive appears to be a normal diesel locomotive with a red stripe on it (marked as belonging to the Black Hand), followed by a car with a massive cannon on it.
  • Treaded tanks:
    • Prizefighter Tank - Some light tank that in reality would count as a big infantry fighting vehicle. Resembles the Puma (IFV). Lifting this with the balloons makes it possibly stronger than an attack helicopter, but very hard to steer. Steering and propulsion can be done by setting the balloons to fly to where you're aiming.
    • Warchief Assault Tank - Some medium tank that resembles the Merkava Mark 4.
    • AA tank. A special version of one of the above, that has a turret similar to the Flakpanzer Gepard, but with 4 barrels.
  • Próspero Longbow - Huge 6x6 truck with a giant cannon turret. This is probably the same turret as on the train. The turret will rotate and try to kill the player, but the vehicle blows up from only small arms fire. The cannon is thick enough (something like 500mm) to resemble a battleship gun, but is only as short as the truck. The player can control the turret from the drivers seat. It has 290 of ammunition.
  • Próspero Hauler - Large 8x8 truck that looks like a Oshkosh M978 flatbed. Strangely, this truck has a flat rear, but it also has a connector for a semi-trailer. This is only visible in the top and rear view. Also, because the connector is further back then the most rear wheels, it should have poor handling when towing a heavy trailer.
  • Several types of military trailers:
    • Large trailer with a guard tower on it.
    • Big trailer with a set of 4 missile containers. The containers closely resemble Patriot missile launchers.
    • Trailer shaped like a bus/brick with a small revolving device on the roof (possibly a open-array radar unit.)
    • Large box trailer with open rear doors, exposing some type of red destructable object.

Sea vehiclesEdit

  • Rico is seen riding something like a Stria PW 220 R-GT.
  • The Whaleshark appears to return, though this is yet to be confirmed.
  • Some sort of fan boat is seen.
  • An armed military boat is also seen, full enclosed with a single gun in a turret.
  • Some other unidentified ships and boats are seen in game art.

Aerial vehiclesEdit


  • Utility helicopter - Civilian helicopter sharing its model with the Eubus Eagle. For some reason armed with missiles and machine guns. Reportedly it is now named Dracon 22LR (note name may change in beta or release).
  • Attack helicopter similar in appearance to the AH-1 Cobra with it's long tail boom and landing skids instead of wheeled landing gear. It is similar to the Sivirkin 15 Havoc.
  • Another attack helicopter this time looking almost identical to the CS Navajo but with a different cockpit canopy.
  • Prospaero Bloodhound - Attack helicopter seen in game art that appears to be a Mi-24 Hind fuselage and cockpit with the coaxial rotors from a Kamov Ka-50/52 Crocodile/Black Shark, although the helicopter itself isn't very visible because of how far away it is.
  • Transport helicopter similar to the CS Comet but more rounded and with twin axle rear landing gear. It is seen transporting Gabriela Morales.
  • Skycrane-like helicopters. It uses a magnet instead of a hook.
  • Small helicopter on floats, possibly the Urga Racek.

Fixed-wing aircraftEdit

  • Emsavion Thunderhead / Prospaero Thunderhead / Thunderhead bomber jet - Twin-engine swept wing fighter jet similar in appearance to the F-14 Tomcat and Panavia Tornado.
  • Fighter aircraft similar to an F-16 Fighting falcon with a single engine and single vertical stabiliser setup, although it has different intakes and a cockpit almost reminiscent of a Sukhoi Su-27 or MiG-29.
  • The U41 Ptakojester seems to be making a return, although whether the same name is reused is yet to be determined.
  • Single-engined seaplane that appears similar to the De Havilland Turbo Beaver and Otter aircraft. Interestingly it has the same registration seen on the Urga U17 Akrobat in Just Cause 3.
  • Emsavion Cropduster - Small twin-engined propeller aircraft that closely resembles the Urga U17 Akrobat.
  • EM-979 Airliner - a conventional commercial airliner similar to the Aeroliner 474, resembling the Airbus A300 and Airbus A330 series.
  • Black Hand Stealth Micro Jet (actual name may differ) - Small armed jet with variable sweep wings.
  • Possible small private jet, styled plane with jets near the rear and a T-tail, similar in design to the Cassius 192, but not much can be seen from the distance from the camera it is.
  • In NerdCubed's second Just Cause 4 video, if one was to closely look at one of the airport hangars, one can see another unidentified aircraft resting in there. The only glimpses of it we see is it's tail, which seems to resemble that of a DC-3. 
  • A vehicle resembling the Stria Ghibli 3 is making a return, as seen in NerdCubed's third video on Just Cause 4. Whether it reuses the same name is yet to be determined.


  • Twin-rotor drone supposedly fired from a gun to protect some kind of Black Hand "Elite" soldiers.
  • Larger drone, this time about the size of a car or bigger but still with two rotors.
  • Smaller drones with their rotors in an almost vertical position, assuming they are rotors.
  • Microlight-type aircraft powered by a fan.
  • Surveillance Airship - Large motorized blimp. It can be controlled as a vehicle, but just like the Stria Switzo Propaganda, it has to be destroyed as a part of settlement completion.
  • Civilian version of the airship. Has only been seen once from a distance.


Land vehiclesEdit

Sea vehiclesEdit

Aerial vehiclesEdit

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