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Vigilator Nord
Vigilator Nord
Settlement in Medici
Type Military port
Region Insula Fonte
Province Plagia
Coordinates N 40 42.274; E 5 45.025
Missions that take place here Conflicting Interests

Vigilator Nord is a military radar facility in Just Cause 3.


The base is known to have giant columns topped with satellite dishes. Like all bases, it has SAM launchers and many soldiers protecting it. It is on the edge of a cliff and has a giant wall, protecting the inland side.

Along with these, there are guard towers that can be destroyed. The SAM sites can be hacked, as seen below.

The Rebel drop map says: The inefficacy of the rebellion in Insula Fonte is owed mainly to Vigilator Nord's diligent eavesdropping. The massive dish and spires maintain watch over the entire northern island of Insula Fonte.

There's a big sign on the main tower (~3x3m) that says "Vigilator Nord Central de Radio E Transmission".


On the coast of Insula Fonte, in the province of Plagia.


Completion RewardsEdit



  • This base was first shown in some of the earliest promotional screenshots.
  • There are a handful of military bases which are similar to Vigilator Nord, some have identical SATCOM Dishes and radar spires (such as Le Tutor).
  • Vigilator Nord's twin base is Vigilator Sud, as they have the same name 'Vigilator' and they look almost identical.
  • Vigilator Nord is one of the most heavily guarded military bases in Insula Fonte, others being Cima Leon: Centcom, Porto Le Gratia, and many more...
  • There are two whiteboards at Grotta Contrabandero with a photo of Vigilator Nord on them.



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