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Settlement in Medici
Type Airforce base
Region Insula Striate
Province Maestrale
Coordinates N 40 47.740
E 5 36.790
Missions that take place here None

Vulture (pronounced vul-toor-ah, according to General's News Network) is a military airfield in Just Cause 3.


Along with Griphon, it's one of the two largest airforce bases in Medici.

The airbase is built on the side of a large cliff in the province of Maestrale and is extremely large. It is littered with SAM launchers (9 to be precise), so the player must always be careful when attempting to Liberate in a plane or a helicopter.

It has three major runways and multiple hangars. One of these hangars always contains a couple of U-7 Dravecs. There's a constant traffic of Dravecs and Thunderhawks departing and landing on all three air runways.

In-game map description: "The military airport of Vulture stores a massive compliment of jets and bombers in its underground hangars. The famous Hirundine Squadron, which has protected Medici's skies for 100 years, calls Vulture home."


Rewards (after completion)Edit

  • U-7 Dravec becomes available at Rebel drop
  • Three challenges become available
    • Stunt Jump Sprint
    • Jet Frenzy I
    • Aeroporto Tour


 PS4    Xbox One  For whatever odd reason, U-7 Dravecs (and sometimes CS7 Thunderhawks) landing here will flip over at the end of the right most runway. Very few don't flip over.

This could be a development error resulting from inaccurate landing paths.

{{Console unknown}} Stealing a parked jet with a rebel inside can rarely cause it to blow up.

 Xbox One   (NOTICE: This can only be seen if Mech Land Assault or Bavarium Sea Heist has been downloaded.) Black Hand Pavouk U-15s will spawn here along with Medici Military variants after liberation. Geschwind V3000s also spawn here, almost always spawning at least one of each of the mentioned vehicles in all variants.



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