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Wallys GP
Wallys GP (Don Ernesto military base)
At the Don Ernesto military base.
Vehicle in Just Cause
Type Military off-road car
Weapons Some have Mounted Guns
Rarity Common
List of owners San Esperito Military
Montano Cartel
Unmarked version

The Wallys GP is a light military off-road car in Just Cause (1).


It's obviously based on the 1941 Ford GP military Jeep. The main differences from the Jeep are the lack of a back seat and the shape of the side wall, near the driver's feet. The name is also a reference to the Willy's Jeep.


Its off-roading ability is excellent, but it is not that fast on a road. It turns quite sharply, even at high speed, so be careful.

Versions and locationsEdit

It is offered as a ground vehicle at Guerrilla safehouses after obtaining the rank of "Teniente" (1500 points).

The version that spawns at safehouses lacks the red and yellow star emblem of the Guerilla NPC vehicle; government troops ride in the grey version with government emblem. All three versions have at least one armed variant with a mounted machine gun. The Montano Cartel have a single, unarmed version.

The Stinger GP is the next vehicle offered by the Guerrillas, at the rank of "Capitan" (2100 points).

They are commonly used by either the Guerrillas or government troops as a patrol car, the faction depending on the current ownership of the territory. They are likely to be outnumbered by either police vehicles, in the case of the government, or pickup trucks with mounted guns, in the case of the rebels.

Owner Color Weapons Locations
San Esperito Military Gray Mounted Gun, pointing forward.
Mounted Gun, pointing backwards.
  • Don Ernesto military base.
  • Las Crucitas military camp.
  • 2 of them are a part of a convoy in the mission Some Like it Hotter.
Guerrilla Green with decals None
Green Unmarked None

Unknown and Unmarked

Green None
Mounted gun, pointing forward.
Montano Cartel Purple None

How to obtain a San Esperito Military version with the mounted gun facing forward, in Devil's Drop ZoneEdit

As it turns out, it's possible to acquire this vehicle with a forward-facing mounted gun, in San Esperito Military livery, through the mission Devil's Drop Zone. These are the steps that must be done to acquire it.

  • Start the mission and play it as normal, until you defeat the enemies on the beach and are prompted to get into the mounted gun on the Agency MV.
  • Take one of the Cutler Bullhorns lying around and use it to push the Agency MV forward slightly.
  • A Wallys GP with a forward-facing mounted gun will spawn on the road, because the game has been fooled into thinking the player and Sheldon have started to leave. Immediately get out of the Cutler Bullhorn, and shoot the mounted gunner to kill him, leaving only the driver.
    • The Wallys GP is programmed to only attack Tom Sheldon, unless the San Esperito Military troops get out of the vehicle. It won't notice Rico, so be wary of accidently getting run over.
  • Hijack the vehicle when it hits the Agency MV and stops from the collision.
    • DO NOT attempt to shoot the driver until he dies. You'll be there forever, and many missed shots will likely damage the Wallys GP.
  • After the driver gets out of the vehicle, he must be defeated. While he has much more health than even a regular Black Hand soldier, there are three ways to defeat him:
    • The most efficient and safe way to terminate this enemy is to stay in the Wallys GP, and begin to run the soldier over. Go back and forth to keep him on the ground, don't allow him to get up and fire his Aviv Scarab. If he does and it pops the hood of the GP, consider reloading the checkpoint.
    • Use the Mounted Gun on his own jeep. Will result in a damaged GP, but should get him killed quickly.
    • A simple duel, between you and him, using small arms, away from the GP. Be prepared to pay for this method with approximately 20% of your health. If you do this, try not to melee him and stick with the bullets.
  • Now that you've gotten all three of the necessary vehicles, use the Cutler Bullhorn to push the Agency MV to Guerrilla 1. Bring the Wallys GP along, and whenever you get approximately 50 meters away from it, get out of the Bullhorn and drive the Wallys GP forward by about 100 meters. You will hear "I'm taking boocoo fire Rico now get here on the double!" at approximately 71 meters away from the Agency MV. Do not fail the mission by abandoning Tom Sheldon.
  • When all three vehicles are at Guerrilla 1 safely, place the Wallys GP into the garage. If necessary, use the garage to give the Cutler Bullhorn a repair before heading back out.
  • With the Wallys GP in the garage, use the Cutler Bullhorn to begin pushing the Agency MV all the way back to the original beach.
  • When you arrive at the beach again, push the Agency MV back to the spot where it was parked before you moved it.
  • Get out of the Cutler Bullhorn and finish the mission normally. The Wallys GP should be waiting in Guerrilla 1 for you.


  • If you look at the hood through the windshield, you won't be able to see the decal as it will disappear through the glass.
  • Like many other vehicles in the game, the vehicle features an inverted decal on the side of the bumper.
  • The only time an unmarked version is used (or even featured) is Some Enchanted Evening.
  • It's name is an obvious reference to it's basis, the Willy's MB.


San Esperito Military version (unarmed)Edit

San Esperito Military version (with a Mounted Gun)Edit

San Esperito Military version (from Devil's Drop Zone)Edit

Montano Cartel versionEdit

Guerrilla versionEdit

Unmarked versionEdit