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Water scooter
Water Scooter
Vehicle in Just Cause
Type Jet ski
Weapons None
Rarity Extremely rare
List of owners Civilians

The Water scooter is a small Jet ski in Just Cause (1).


It's a jet ski and the second smallest nautical vehicle in the Just Cause game series, right after the Underwater Scooter. Smaller jet skis like this one have a hinged control column, which allows the driver to stand. It splashes up a large cloud of water when at speed.


It's among the fastest water vehicles, which similarly to the Shimizu - Mach 2, has to slow down a lot to turn sharply. Unlike most other boats, it slows down automatically when you turn sharply.


The easiest way to obtain one is to fly an armed helicopter and machine-gun the driver off. Stay in the helicopter until it stops, so you won't have to swim after it.


  • This vehicle was not found (for the wiki) until the summer of 2015, nine years after Just Cause's release.