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Weaponized Serpente
Jcs Weaponized Kerner Serpente R 1
Vehicle in Just Cause 3
Type Sports car
Weapons Rocket launchers
Rarity Unique (DLC)
List of owners Rico
Top speed (km/h) "Over 250"
Top speed (mph) Over 155

The Weaponized Serpente is a sports car in Just Cause 3.


This is the armed version of the Kerner Serpente R.

It is a high-end two door car, based on the Bentley Continental GT, with rear-end inspirations from the 1993-2000 Aston Martin V8 Vantage.

According to the official preorder info, it's meant "for the more refined combat professional" and it has "precision rocket launchers elegantly engineered right into the hood".

The rocket launchers are hidden in some scenes of the trailer, which may have given the impression that they can fold down into the engine compartment when not in use, but really the trailer used the unarmed version in those scenes.

The Rebel drop description is: "Unleash massive destruction with style and speed. With the weaponized Kerner Serpente, the missiles make the muscle car."


It reads "V12T 6.8" on the boot lid which implies it has a turbocharged 6.8-litre V12 engine and as such it is very fast. Acceleration belies its weight and size, and braking is quick too but not well-controlled as the brakes are extremely grabby and lock under low speed or hard braking. Cornering is decent but it is more a fast cruiser than racer with a seemingly electronically limited top speed of 250km/h (155mph).

That said, the main difference between this and the standard variant are, of course, the rocket launchers. The vehicle is equipped with a four-barrel launcher unit mounted on the hood that vaguely resembles an air intake scoop. The rockets as shown in the launcher are somewhat small, but when fired they are as large as any other type of rocket. They are as powerful as standard RPG rounds and can destroy lightly armoured vehicles in one hit and medium-armour vehicles in two hits. Unfortunately, they do not have any type of homing ability, which limits their use to obstacle clearance and quick, "drive by" attacks. Be aware that it is extremely easy to blow yourself up with the rockets; since they spawn on the hood of the car (more or less,) performing a jump or even driving up a steep hill at speed may cause the nose of the Serpente to move upwards and collide with the newly spawned rocket. The car will then be immediately destroyed, killing Rico.


This vehicle was a part of the preorder "weaponized vehicles pack". Anyone else can buy it as a separate DLC. In either case, once in the game, it can only be obtained through the Rebel drop The rebel drop is unlocked in the mission Mario's Rebel Drops.