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Yamada Redwood SUV
Yamada Redwood SUV
On a hill, just north of Esperito City.
Vehicle in Just Cause
Type Sports utility vehicle
Weapons None
Rarity Common
List of owners Civilians

The Yamada Redwood SUV is a car in Just Cause (1).


It always has a 2 color paint combination with the roof always being white. There's an extra protection bar over the rear bumper. It has 4/5 seats, but it's never used by more than 2 people. It looks more like a small station wagon, than a sports utility vehicle.

It's made by the fictional Yamada company.


Speed is about average and its off-roading ability isn't as great as one would expect from an SUV either. Despite its name, it doesn't really have four-wheel drive, which every SUV must have. It has front wheel drive.



  • A part of its name, "Yamada", may be a reference to the "Yamaha Motor Company".
  • Similarly, "Redwood" may reference the "Sequoioideae", a type of trees, which are sometimes referred to as "Redwood trees".
  • The only other vehicle that starts with "Y" in this game is the Yamada 37-14 Vaquero.