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Zhang Sun
Zhang Sun
Note the city to the right in the background. It's most likely Pekan Buah Melambak.
Character in Just Cause 2
First appearance Three Kings
Faction Chinese Military
Job Chinese Military intelligence chief and secret ambassador to Panau
Last known status Dead

Zhang Sun is a character in Just Cause 2.

Who he isEdit

He's an elderly Chinese Military intelligence chief, with an extensive background inside the inner circles of the Chinese military.

A thirty year survivor of the Chinese transition from repressive communism to repressive capitalist free market communism, Zhang has pretty much seen it all when it comes to violence, torture and fear tactics.

In his time, Zhang earned himself a reputation for his cold-blooded savagery in several of the Chinese northern provinces.

Capable of shrewd strategic thinking, he sees the popular Bolo Santosi of the Reapers as an expendable medium-term leader: as soon as the Chinese-backed revolutionaries have taken the island he intends to seek its return to the beneficent rule of the Chinese government back in Beijing.

What he's doing in PanauEdit

Him and the Chinese military make an appearance during the Agency mission "Three Kings".

China sent Zhang Sun to Panau as a secret ambassador, after finding out that Panau has the biggest oil reserve in the world. According to his PDA profile, he's planning on supporting the Reapers only temporarily, until they've taken Panau over. At that point he would arrange Panau to become a "puppet state", getting all orders from China.

When you arrive during the mission, he will welcome you with a speech: "What is this? Year of the stupid American dog? I saw you coming a mile away, Agency minion. Now, the true power of Chinese fireworks will be revealed!"

Rico subsequently kills Zhang Sun at the Three Kings Hotel.

His dying words are: "Funny that... we, Chinese, knew about it. And the Russians knew. ...And even the Japanese... But you Americans, you... you were in the dark."

He and his four bodyguards use Submachine Guns, but his Triggered Explosives seem to be as powerful as level 6 in the Black Market. Also his triggered explosives fizz.

He could be seen as a Demolition Officer, albeit one that uses triggered explosives more than his primary weapon. Also when you kill him, instead of a small amount of grenades popping out of a normal demolition officer, he drops a lot, and the explosion is comparable to a cluster bomb from the Cluster Bomb Launcher in Downloadable content for Just Cause 2.

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